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Integrated frozen, chilled and ambient stock management under one roof.

10,000 pallets positions, consisting of ASRS freezer (-28°C), multi-temperature freezer (-22°C), chiller (1-4°C), aircon and ambient warehouse space.

Quality inspections are done for all products following the client quality inspection specifications and guidelines.

Facility is approved for food warehousing management by local Singapore government agencies in food control, SFA and NEA.

We ensure food safety is well managed from the arrival of your inventory supply till the delivery into your outlets’ storage compartments with supply assurance of having zero stock-out situations.

We understand because we are in the game too.

Experience that works for you.

Running farms and food establishments make us aware of all the smallest details that make big differences in operations. Everything we do not only conforms or exceeds industry standards but we also invest greatly to make things a lot more efficient and convenient for you.

Full control at your fingertips.

Order and track everything from the convenience of your phone or portal of your choice

Access, transparency and peace of mind.

Strategic location, accessible to major expressways and in proximity to Singapore CBD area.

Fleet management system for real-time tracking of vehicles.

Frozen, chilled or dry all in a single delivery.

Our multi-zone temperature control trucks allow for frozen, chilled or dry food products to be sent in a single delivery, greatly improving cost efficiency and effectiveness for you. Your staff will love you for it.

World class facility.

Our facility meets or exceeds all industry standards, so when you ship with us, you can ship with absolute confidence.

With round the clock security and stringent standards, your delivery cold chain is maintained one hundred percent.